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Reading Curriculum


At St. Cuthbert's, Reading is very important to us and we want to ensure all of our children leave as readers. As well as decoding, we want to develop comprehension skills, which are also needed for successful reading. We use a quality text to teach reading skills, this means that they are taught in context for our children, and also means they can use them straight away. Below is the skills progression ladder in which we use throughout school and also the progression map for each skill from Reception to Year 6.


Intent, Implementation, Impact

See the documents below for some handy guides on how reading looks in our school...

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Reading Policy

Reading Progression Map

Fluency Progression Map

Reading at Home...

Children in Years 1 and 2 will take home a Read Write Inc. Book Bag Book. This is a book that is phonetically decodable and is matched to their phonics group and the sounds that they have learned so far

When children finish RWI, they will take home a book banded book. Although they have finished RWI, this book may be more challenging and have words in that are not matched to their phonic knowledge so they may need an adult to help more and/or have the book read to them.

Children may also borrow a library book for their own pleasure to be enjoyed with their families at home.

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Reading Skills Checklist