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With Jesus we love, learn and pray: to grow in the St. Cuthbert's way.

Personal Development 


Advent 2023 

Our School Council Team presenting The Brick with a cheque of £1,071.50 along with the class hampers that the children have create using 'The Reverse Advent Calendar' method.  What a charitable Advent we have had as a school community! 

St Cuthbert's Christmas Market 2023

We chose to focus on our school value of being charitable this Christmas and our children, families and whole school community did this in abundance by donating their time, efforts and money towards an incredibly important charity - The Brick.  We chose to raise money for The Brick this year because we want to help homeless and disadvantaged people in our local area.  

Our School Council Team planned the whole event, making sure that each class had their voice heard - and what wonderful ideas they all had! During the week leading up to the Christmas Market, our KS2 School Council members were charitable with their free time at school by designing and creating the decorations needed for the market.  The children ran the event themselves, selling enthusiastically  and every single one of them were a credit to their families and to our school.

Our Eco Team also had a stall to support the Eco School's marine project by creating plastic-free reindeer food.  The stall was so popular that they had to make event more to sell! 

Thank you to every member of our school community for living out our school values in such a kind and humble way. 

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What our personal development looks like at St Cuthbert's

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SMSC & British Values in our St Cuthbert's Curriculum

The British values of democracy, personal freedom, tolerance, mutual respect and active participation are taught throughout school and embedded within school life. We have pupil voice councils which allow the children to show these values alongside our school values to be: forgiving, charitable, loving, positive, respectful, aspirational and honest. Our children will be introduced to the culture and history of Britain throughout the curriculum but also within the ‘Our Culture’ strand of Pupil Passports and through the spiraled teaching of protective characteristics through the Equality Act within each year group.

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Pupil Passports

At St Cuthbert's, we believe that it is important to promote an extensive personal development journey for our pupils.  Our pupils experience a wide variety of experiences that are 'above and beyond' curriculum expectations and provide them with the opportunity to experience and develop a range of talents and interests of exceptional quality. 

Extra-Curricular Pathway

At St Cuthbert's, we provide an extensive extra-curricular journey for our children to ensure that they have a wide variety of rich experiences.


Emotionally Friendly Schools Award - Bronze Level


We are excited to share that our school has been working towards the Emotionally Friendly Schools Award for some time now. 


The Emotionally Friendly Schools (EFS) programme is a flexible, whole-school approach to improving children's mental health and well-being. The accreditation focuses on four key areas: Staff Wellbeing and School Ethos. Classroom Practice.


This approach is being led by our EFS Champions, Mrs Redmond, Miss Clayton, Miss Grace and Mrs Powell.  We also have a team of KS2 children known as Peace Pioneers that support wellbeing and meditation across school. 


We seek to promote the good mental health and wellbeing of all members of our school community and welcome your ideas to further enhance our provision.  Please email via the school office and one of our EFS Champions will be in touch.

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PSHE(RSHE)  Long Term Plans

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PE Long Term Plans

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Useful Links and Documents

The following video explains the concept in more detail: 

Growth Mindset Slideshow for Families

EYFS Mental Health Awareness Week Celebrate Superheroes and Their Super Powers