Welcome to Year Six!

Remote learning

Please check this page regularly as information about Remote learning will be added here.  Messages will also be sent via 2email using your child's Purple Mash account.  

Online lessons will begin on Monday 11th January using Microsoft Teams -

Session 1: 9.15 am

Session 2: 10.45 am

Session 3: 12.45 pm (Mon-Thurs - no live lesson Friday pm)

See 'Y6 Home Learning Timetable' in document list below for more detail.

 KS2 Celebration assembly with Mr Rushton - Fridays 12.15pm on Teams

There are also some useful weblinks at the bottom of this page to support your learning.


Thank you for your support and patience,

Mrs McAuley and Miss Mulligan

Home learning information

 2021 Masked Reader.pptxDownload
 Masked Reader Answer Sheet.docxDownload
 KS2 Movement Challenges.pdfDownload
 How to access free ebooks.docxDownload
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Home learning w/b 11.1.21 and 18.1.21

 lockdown Properties-of-Shapes.docxDownload
 Faces, edges and vertices.docDownload
 Angles in a triangle RPS.pdfDownload
 Angles in a triangle Fluency.pdfDownload
 The girl who stole an elephant 2 week unit.pdfDownload
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Home learning w/b 25.1.21 and 1.2.21

 Major organs of the human body resources.docxDownload
 Maths paper pack week 1.docxDownload
 Maths paper pack week 2.docxDownload
 Monstrous Devices Paper Pack.docxDownload
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 The circulatory system resources.docxDownload
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Home learning w/b 8.2.21

 Climate Change It's up to me Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Climate Change Research Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Doors home learning pack.docxDownload
 Growth mindset task.docxDownload
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Home learning w/b 22.2.21 and w/b 1.3.21

 Breakout room Maths.docxDownload
 Healthy advice.pdfDownload
 Maths Paper Pack wb1.3.21.docxDownload
 Maths Paper Pack wb22.2.21.docxDownload
 Monsters paper pack.docxDownload
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 North America Paper Pack.docxDownload
 RE Death and New Life.docxDownload
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Congratulations on reaching the last year of your primary school journey. This year is a very important one, as it is here where you will transition from a child into a young adult. In Year 6 you will be expected to work to the very best of your ability, to develop your independence as a learner and grow in confidence and resilience to become the very best version of ‘you’.


The Year 6 staff working alongside you are dedicated to supporting, motivating and challenging you throughout your final year. Working together, we hope to give you some memorable moments which will last a life time.


We cannot wait to start the journey with you,

Miss Mulligan – Y6M class teacher          Mrs McAuley – Y6Mc class teacher

Miss Taylor – Y6M TA                             Miss Bolton – Y6Mc TA

 Mrs Gavaghan - Y6M TA                       Mr Ainscough - Y6Mc TA

Mrs Halliwell - Y6 HLTA 


What to expect in Year Six:

  • As the oldest members of our school, there is an expectation that you will set the example, in terms of your appearance, behaviour and attitude towards school life.
  • Each morning we expect you to arrive at school on time, in full school uniform and be well-prepared for the day ahead. It is now your responsibility to ensure that you have everything you need for the day (homework, PE kit etc). Year 6 provides an excellent opportunity for you to develop your organisational skills which will hold you in good stead at high school.
  • The Year 6 curriculum is a very tightly packed one and therefore it is vital that we use our time in the classroom efficiently. You are therefore expected to work harder and push yourself further than ever before.
  • Each piece of work you produce is expected to be of your highest standard and you should take great pride in the work you produce this year.


What the year will look like …

Notes for parents:

  • Children are allowed to drink water throughout the school day. We therefore ask that you provide your child with a reusable water bottle which can be kept outside the classroom and refilled as needed.
  • Children are encouraged to bring their own healthy snack for morning break such as a piece of fruit. Snacks such as crisps, sweets or chocolate bars are not allowed.
  • Both Year 6 classes will be taking part in PE on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure they come to school in their PE kit on this day. 
  • Your child’s reading record will be checked on a weekly basis and their reading books will be changed frequently. Please encourage your child to read independently or with an adult at home for approximately 15 minutes a day. After each reading session we encourage our Year Six children to fill in their reading record detailing what they have read and with whom.
  • Homework will be sent home on a daily basis. Each piece of homework should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and will build upon the skills we have been focusing on in class that week. All homework is expected to be returned to school by 9am the next day in order to self-mark and address any misconceptions that might have occurred. Please ensure your child is completing their homework at home, if they have any issues please feel free to contact the class teacher.
  • Missing or incomplete homework will result in them joining the homework club at school, where they will miss a break time to complete the work.


We thank you in advance for your support this year.

Miss Mulligan and Mrs McAuley



Recommended websites to support your child's learning:

Times Tables Rock Star

 Hit the button - Maths


Topmarks Daily 10 - Maths

Spelling shed


Free e-books from Oxford Owl

Virtual school library

 Read Theory

Purple Mash

BBC Bitesize (wider curricular subjects)

North America research 1

North America research 2

North America research 3