We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all current and potential children and families to St Cuthbert's Early Years Centre, and thank you for your continued support.


We are very proud to announce that as part of the Ofsted Inspection framework, the baby, toddler and Pre-School was inspected on Thursday 20th March 2014, and the judgement of the Ofsted team is that we are an Outstanding Early Years Provider.

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'The nursery consistently achieves high standards of care and teaching, resulting in very good progress for all children in relation to their starting point.'

'The nursery has an enthusiastic and highly-skilled staff team to maintain outstanding care and learning for children.'

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage


Setting the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five

Please read the accompanying document for further information.


Letters and Sounds

Children learn a great deal from other people. As parents and carers you are your child's first teachers. You have a powerful influence on your child's early learning.

From a very early age your child will need to experience a wide range of activities and experiences with you, for example singing and saying rhymes, making and listening to music, listening to them and joining in conversations, painting and pretend play, to develop their early reading and writing skills. These activities will help your child take the first important steps towards reading and writing.

At St. Cuthbert's Pre-school children take part in a high-quality communication, language and literacy development programme (Communication, Language and Literacy Development) designed to promote every child's learning through a play-based approach.

A phonics teaching programme called Letters and Sounds is used to support teaching of Communication, Language and Literacy in settings and schools. It builds on the activities the children have already experienced in the setting.

The children learn through lots of play and activities and are encouraged to use their increasing phonics knowledge in freely chosen activities. If you can be involved in helping your child we know it can make a big difference to your child's learning.

Pre-school staff will distribute the 'Letters and Sounds - A Guide for Parents and Carers in Early Years Settings' when your child begins to attend Pre-school. Alternatively please feel free to ask staff for advice about any communication and language concerns.

E.C.A.T - Every Child A Talker


'Encourage your children to become good communicators, now and in the future'


During your child's time at St. Cuthbert's Early Years Centre they will bring home an E.C.A.T. Bag for Families. This bag contains resources to help you set up a community friendly space that you can use to play with your child to help encourage good language skills. If you would like further information about E.C.A.T. (Every Child A Talker) you could look on their website, or speak to Centre staff.


Your children are precious and we know your days are busy. If you have a moment, turn off your television and mobile phones and spend some quality time with your child.

Believe us you will see the benefits as your child's communication and language develops.

Toddler Talk