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Welcome to our Science page where you will find our Science offer at St. Cuthbert's. Enjoy finding out about what and how we learn about the world around us. Look out for home challenges here too!


Get your Scientific brain warmed up. We have been learning about habitats , adaptation and evolution across the school. Can you spot the camouflaged creatures below?


Science - Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Science Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Progression

Science  Long Term Plans

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Pupil and Staff Voice

Our 7 Principles of Science

At St. Cuthbert's the pupils and staff thought about how they would like our science curriculum to look. Collectively, we wrote our 7 principles of science that we all follow. Here they are...

Examples of Knowledge Organisers

 Y1 My Brilliant Body KO.pdfDownload
 Y6 Healthy Bodies KO (2).pdfDownload
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Working Scientifically

At St. Cuthbert's our curriculum is enquiry rich, encouraging children to plan and lead their own investigations and research. Our children use the following icons to aid them in choosing the appropriate enquiry type and skills...

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St. Cuthbert's is a Primary Science Quality Mark School (PSQM)

This means that we have the Quality Mark for the teaching and learning of Science at our school. What brilliant scientists we have - both children and staff!

Christmas Science

What a brilliant afternoon we have all had...trying to find fuel to power Santa's sleigh. We are all on the good list now after finding the solution!

The Royal Institution of Science

We were so lucky to be visited by Usmaa from the RIS, she put on an explosive show for us, demonstrating how explosive our food is! This was an amazing opportunity for us all to celebrate our learning in Autumn Term!

'Whizz, POP, Bang' Club...

Each year our Year 3 children are invited to partake in the CREST award. This is a programme for engaging primary aged children in Science based activities. Each week we will investigate a real life context to investigate and explore.


Check out the website to find out more.

Each week the children will complete an investigation and receive a stamp in their passport. Once they have 8 stamps they will receive a cloth badge and a certificate. Photos below of CREST clubs in the past.

Week 1 

We introduced ourselves and designed our own lab coats. We talked about how we behave in the laboratory and how important it is to read protocols correctly to follow the procedure.



Week 2

What kind of taster are you?

We investigated what kind of a taster we all are in the club.

Week 3:

Let's be Forensic Scientists

We extracted DNA from strawberries..... we were amazed at the yield!!