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Hello, and welcome to Reception's class page. Here, we aim to give you information on what we have been up to, as well as any documents, advice and support to help your child at home. As always, we aim to work in partnership with you, so please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all.

Information, Advice and Guidance

Thanks to those who were able to attend Coffee Morning. Here's a handy video explaining how to pronounce each sound correctly.

Our Class Blog- Week Beginning 09.09.19


We had another fantastic week last week. It started on Monday when Mrs Pilling and Mrs Simmonite's classes did brilliantly getting ready for P.E. We encourage all children to get dressed and undressed totally independently, and they took on this challenge. Mrs Powell's class had their P.E. with Wigan Athletic, who will be teaching Mrs Powell's class P.E. on Wednesdays for the rest of the term.

We added more elements to our week as the children were so settled. Our day now includes the following sessions; Topic, Daily Mile, Phonics, Meditation, Collective Worship, Maths and Come and See (R.E.). In between that, the teachers also completed guided writing. Everybody did really well to fit in with the routine of the week as it’s a big step up from the pre-school routines.

The children were asked to complete a number of tasks as part of topic sessions. The “Book of the Week” this week was “You Choose”. We used it as a starting point to talk about our favourite things. We used collage materials to create pictures of our favourite foods. We talked about our friends and what makes a good friend and we drew pictures of our families.

In Maths, our number of the week was number 2. We learnt to recognise the numeral, count objects and order numbers. We learnt about one more and one less and know that 1+1=2. We started to look at the clock to find two o’clock. We are also practising counting up to 20 and back again.

In phonics, we have learnt the letter sounds for m, a, s and d. We will start blending the sounds together to read words next week, e.g. s-a-d= sad. 

Over the next few weeks, the teachers are going to be asking the children to take part in a number of activities as part of the Reception Baseline Assessment (More details can be found here. Please also see below for the Privacy Notice). 




Letters and Information

The following is a Privacy Notice regarding the Reception Baseline Assessment, which all children will complete in the first weeks of starting Reception.

Our Weekly Timetable


*Mrs Simmonite and Mrs Pilling's class- P.E. (Full kits needed)

*Homework to be returned

*Reading books brought to school



*Reading books brought to school

*Homework sent home



*Mrs Powell's Class- P.E. (Full kits needed)

*Reading books brought to school



*Reading books brought to school



*Reading books brought to school


Every day- "Stay and Read"- 08.50am-9.00am to read home reading books.