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Online Safety

The internet is a wonderful resource in which we use in many useful ways for both pleasure and education. Online Safety is an important part of keeping children safe while using the internet at St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School. We have security measures in place in school to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material. Any online safety incidents are recorded via CPOMS and managed.  Online safety is taught to all pupils through Project Evolve which explains and demonstrates how to stay safe and behave appropriately online.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents and carers to ensure the online safety message is consistent. It is important that families speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.  It’s essential to be realistic - banning the internet or technology will not work and it often makes a child less likely to report a problem.

Education around safe use is essential.  We seek to support our families by providing some general guidance, information and helpful links through our website.  Below you will find useful links and documents that will support you with keeping your child safe online.

Safer Search Engines

Search engines are a useful tool when researching, however, there are many unsuitable and unsafe sites and images that may appear when using them. Here are some safer options that you can use with your children.

Please note that no search engine is ever 100% safe but some are considered “safer” search engines than others.

  • Image Searching – Pics4learning - A curated image library that is free and safe for education.
  • Kidrex - a child friendly search engine.
  • Research Searching - Google Safe Search – A feature in Google search and Google images that allows you to set an automated filter of potentially offensive or inappropriate content. You can find out about setting up Google Safe Search using the PDF document found below.

Useful Online Safety Links

Click the images that will take you to the following websites!

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Please find our E safety policy below:

Online Safety Calendar 2023-24

Annual Certificate in Online Safety for Parents and Carers:

This annual online safety training aimed at parents and carers provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident and empowered to help keep your child safe online. 


Sign up and register to National Online Safety's free courses using the following link:

 Missing persons guidance.docxDownload
 Online grooming explained.jpgDownload
 Online safety tips EYFS.docxDownload
 Online safety tips for parents.docxDownload
 Online safety tips KS1&KS2.docxDownload
 Parent guide to online safety.docxDownload
 Pupil Internet Agreement.docxDownload
 Screen addition guidance.pdfDownload
 Thinkuknow - primary parents helpsheet.pdfDownload
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Useful Documents

In light of Anti Bullying week, please take a look at these child friendly posters which explain what online bullying is and ways your child can be kind online. 

Saint Cuthbert's SMART Rules:

Online Safety Webinar

Online Safety Webinar

Take a look of some of the work our children have completed relating to online safety....