If your child is ill, please inform the school as soon as possible by phoning the school and/or in writing. Contact details can be found below. Alternatively complete the form below,




St. Cuthbert's school does not encourage parents to take their child on holiday during term time.

Parents seeking permission for such absences should do so in writing to the Head teacher.

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We are always aiming to improve attendance and punctuality and therefore reward children for good attendance. Each week we will announce the class which has the best attendance in Key Stage 1, in Key Stage 2 and also in the whole school! Keep your eyes peeled for certificates in classrooms and the winners which will be announced on the newsletters!

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Attendance League!

WB 24.6.19

Class %
Key Stage 1/EYFS
Mrs Simmonite - Reception 94% 
Mrs Pilling - Reception 97%
Mrs Garner - Reception 95%
Mrs Fairhurst - Y1 91% 
Miss Lewis - Y1  90%
Mrs Powell - Y2  96%
Miss Smith - Y2  95%
Key Stage 2
Miss Clayton - Y3  91%
Miss Cunliffe - Y3  100%
Mr Wright - Y4  94%
Ms Mangnall - Y4 96%
Mrs McAuley - Y5  90%
Mr Forest - Y5  98%
Mrs Hardman - Y6  86%
Miss Mulligan - Y6  97%
Overall school attendance  94%


Congratulations to Mrs Pilling's class for winning in KS1 and also Miss Cunliffe's for your perfect attendance!


The Early Bird winners for the least amount of late marks goes to...


Mrs Simmonite  in Reception. In KS2 we have joint winners, Mrs Mangnall and Mr Forest!

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Absence Form