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St. Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School

With Jesus we love, learn and pray: to grow in the St. Cuthbert's way.

Cuthbert Bear's Weekly Challenges!



If you complete any challenges, ask your parents to email any pictures and a write sentence or two about what you've done to


This Week's Challenges (14.06.21)...

Gross Motor Movements-

Parent/Carers- Please demonstrate how to balance on one leg and note if your children are able to complete the time, if they have a stronger leg/better balance on one side etc.


Can I balance on one leg for 5 seconds? What happens if I swap legs?


Fine Motor Movement- You'll need a print out of the sheet below (or your family can write for you on paper),a penci


Can I draw a picture of myself? How much detail can I add? 


Ask my parents to write my name


Can I copy the letters from my name? Can I write it independently?  

Maths and Problem Solving –  You will need a print out of the sheet below (or copied on to paper), colouring pencils

Can copy the shapes and letters into the box without needing to trace them first? (Parents- this is to determine your child's spatial awareness)

Can I colour the shapes correctly when my parents give me instructions; (Parents, this is to see which shapes your child is familiar with and if they also know some colours/can follow instructions. 


*Colour the square red

*Colour the triangle green

*Colour the pentagon blue


Can I count up to 5 objects?



This Week's Fine Motor Activity

Converting document.

This Week's Maths Activity

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