Cuthbert Bear's Weekly Challenge



1st June 2020

Good morning! Welcome to your first challenge in your "Passport to Big School"! I hope you are all well and safe at home.


For the first challenge, you'll need;


A large ball- similar size to this type;


Your first challenge- can you throw it overarm to your family? When they throw it to you, can you catch it? Extra challenge- can you stand further and further away?


Parents/Carers- this is linked to "gross motor" movement- the large movements children need to develop, which helps with balance, hand/eye coordination etc.

For the second challenge, you'll need a cardigan or similar with large buttons, like this one above.

Can you undo the buttons? Can you do the buttons back up?

Extra challenge- can you try with smaller buttons?


Parents/Carers- this activity is linked to "fine motor" movements. These require good hand/eye coordination and strength in the hands. You can develop this further with threading and playdough type activities. 

For your third challenge, have a look at the pictures below.

What can you tell your family about the pictures?

What shape are they? What colours are they? Can you point to the largest? Can you point to the smallest?

Extra Challenge- Can you draw a large, medium and small shape? Can you choose different colours to colour them in? Do you know what those colours are called?


Parents/Carers- this activity is all about problem solving and reasoning- can your child identify mathematical concepts such as shape and size? Can they use words to describe them?

Well done- you've completed all of your challenges for this week! See you again next week!