We aim to offer a broad balanced curriculum intended to provide a similar range of learning

experience for all pupils.

Click below for the Notional Curriculum:



Foundation Subjects

We use the Inspire Curriculum which is a topic based approach to learning. It links most subjects together to one theme! For more information click on your child's year group!


Year 2 Assessment Framework

Year 6 Assessment Framework


We follow the White Rose schemes of learning to teach our children Maths. The White Rose promotes fluency and reasoning. To see what is covered, please click on your child's year group above.

The calculation policy is below which outlines the methods we teach and how they progress as children move through school.


Below you will find the long term plans for Maths in each year group


In English we teach children skills to read and write through a range of quality texts.

We also teach them continuous cursive handwriting. Links below will give more support.


We follow the Read Write Inc. programme to teach consistent, synthetic phonics to children in Reception and KS1. Click the image below to find out more information...

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Confused about how to pronounce the sounds found in Read Write Inc. Phonics? Worry not - 5-year-old Sylvie is here to show you how! Use this guide to support your child when practising the sounds at home.

Children use Read Write Inc. as a synthetic phonics programme which teaches children to decode. They learn other skills for reading in reading lessons where they learn how to build comprehension skills such as retrieving information from a text, inferring and reading between the lines, thinking about authorial intent and prediction.